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Benefits Of Different Flowers


Names of Flowers



The names of all flowers mean something special. Names of flowers usually don’t happen by accident—though there might be a funny story behind some different types of flowers—but different kinds of flowers mean different things. Here are meanings behind of some of those names of flowers.
Whether it be at a party, horticulturist convention, or over dinner, you can impress someone by knowing the names of all flowers. (Even without knowing all flowers, you can remember the meanings behind some of these kinds of flowers.) Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet? So choose one of the flower names above, read on, and decide!

There are so many names of flowers out there in the world it is hard to keep them straight. If you look at the Rose alone for each color there are around 10 different names to name each shade of that color. This is quite amazing especially if you are trying to figure out what name of flower that orange star shaped flower you saw in a store window.

This has to be one of the worst feelings ever, you see the most beautiful flower in the world. Or at least at the time it seems that it is, but you can’t find it anywhere, mainly because you ask people if they know what the flower name is when you describe it to them. They may know a name, but then when you search it up, guess what! It really wasn’t the real name, no one used that names of flowers for that flower before besides that person down the street who you got the name from.

Names are important, they are what separates a rose from a lily on a piece of paper. Unless there is a picture of each flower you need to know the names of the flower. Well, here at flower-dictionary we have all the names on a piece of paper for you, the lucky thing for you, is that you can click on the name and have the picture right there so you can know if it is the flower you wanted or not.

Unfortunately we didn’t put down all the names of flowers onto our dictionary. You might find it cruel that we don’t have all the names but for our sanity sake we decided to go for the most common name. Instead of having 20 names for one flower we discovered the most common name used for that flower and stuck with that. Of course if we wanted to throw everybody off we could have used their Latin names. For some of the flowers it might seem easy like rose is rosa, but what about Liliaceae for a lily? This certainly would be fun for us though.

We decided for the names of flowers we wouldn’t use their Latin names because we didn’t want all the complaints that would come from it, so here we are your own list of flowers. Next time you want to know what that amazing flower was that you found, come to us. Of course you have to have the patience to go through the thousands of flowers we have up on our site. Just go one name at a time and maybe, just maybe you will find that flower and you will be able to prove to your friends that you really aren’t crazy. It does exist! Then they will just point out how much time you spent trying to find the name of the flower and say that you are crazy, but deep down inside you will feel better because you know what is important, the names of flowers. Don’t look back to the old days when you didn’t have a dictionary for your flowers.

 Benefits of Growing Flowers - Cultivating the Mind and Body
In the past, generally the elderly people used to go to the flower markets to buy flowers. While now, people of all age groups love to shop for flowers and visit the flower markets. In the fast pace of modern life, flowers play a certain role in people’s physical and mental health. In recent years, the proportion of people’s consumption of flowers is gradually increasing. This shows that, with the building of spiritual civilization, people take flowers to cultivate their temperament.

People always need to add some freshness in their lives. Visiting relatives and friends, people will choose different flowers as a gift. Different flowers have different meanings. Every person likes flowers, and also planting some flowers will give psychological benefits to people. Now, let me introduce some benefits of cultivating flowers you.

Firstly, growing flowers can increase your attention. While cultivating flowers, people will carefully notice the growth characteristics of the stems, leaves and the fruits, and observe the growth habits. Some flowers are delicate and require meticulous care, which requires concentration. Even if some flowers are easy to maintain, if the owner ignores the water and soil for a long time, then the flowers will still die. While growing the flowers, attention is also an important indispensable factor.

Secondly, flowers have a capacity to regulate people’s emotions. Emotion is an important aspect of people’s mental life. Emotion regulation is the key to eliminate the individuals’ bad mood, remain optimistic, and also has a great direct impact on learning and work. More flowers and trees can make a person get rid of negative emotions, expand their mind and open their hearts. In the cities put a number of floral decorations in the individual's living environment, with its shape and meaning to regulate people's emotions. Then people will feel fresh and quiet and become active. For example, the chrysanthemum makes people feel loyal and truthful; lilies represent purity and love. It is best to send a bouquet of flowers when visiting relatives and friends. Sending flowers to a patient not only has ornamental value, but also gives the appropriate emotional regulation the patient.

Thirdly, flowers can cultivate the individual’s ability. Since ancient times, people have given personality to a variety of flowers. For example, bamboo is a symbol of the faithful and unyielding. Cultivating flowers you like will make you influenced by the characteristics of the flowers. Some people like to plant cactus and prickly pear, which are resistant to drought and not afraid of the heat. Some people love to grow daffodils, which grow in winter. People will imitate the characteristics of flowers consciously or unconsciously. But in short, there is a certain role in the individual shape.

Growing flowers has a lot of benefits to people. If you are not able to grow flowers at home, our website offers a lot of fresh and beautiful flowers. You can also order flowers on the website to send to your friends in China, so as to make them more energetic and spiritually connected to the Earth.


Many thousands of years flowers personify beauty, pleasure and perfection of nature.
Flowers give many things to everybody, and it does not matter if you are rich or poor, they give you a wonderful world, in which you feel happy. Therefore people always try to decorate with these surprising gifts of nature not only the celebration and gala days of their life, but also everyday life, in which, people need to feel even more pleasure during their life on Earth.
It seems that mother-nature presented us these wonderful creatures which during thousands of years bring in our life beauty, pleasure, and give us good mood and emotional health in any time of the year.
According to the scientists opinion there are more than 270 000 types of flowers. And each flower in his own way is beautiful and unusual and brings a part of pleasure in our life in order to do it happier.
At all nations of the world flowers associate with heat, sun, spring and pleasure. And it doesn’t matter if it is winter, summer, autumn or spring outside. Flowers always remain symbols of good mood and wonderful seasons – spring and summer.
Each flower is shrouded by illusive mysterious aura, and magic mood which is given to all people without exception, whether it is a man or a woman, a small child or a grown up person.

Benefits Of Flower Essence

Benefits Of Flower Essence 

The British doctor Edward Bach was the founder of the flower essence stress relief therapy. As you already know, the chronic stress, the negative emotions or the depression can seriously affect our immune system.

*** The Bach flower essence stress relief therapy uses 38 floral essences (such as wild roses, apple, and ash or beech essences) in treating various psychic affections. The interesting thing is that each flower essence stress relief works for a certain problem related to stress.

There are many benefits of using flower essence stress relief treatments, but the best 5 are the following:

1. They have no secondary effects, as they help us reintegrate with our life environment without changing anything, but removing all the stress and negative perceptions while inducing a sense of balance and peace.

- It is recommended to use maximum six flower essences during one treatment session. After one month, the patient will check again with the doctor and if the stress level is still the same, a new combination of six flower essence stress relief treatment is recommended.

This is the great thing about the flower essence stress relief: you can try more of them without experiencing any secondary effect.

2. They are 100% natural, as the flower essences are produces only from natural plants, without any chemicals or other ingredients.

3. The flower essence stress relief treatments don?t give addiction. It's an effective, sure way to treat stress, with no unpleasant or damaging consequences for our bodies.

4. If you are taking any other stress related medication, a sure thing is that the flower essence stress relief will enhance the efficiency of the medical treatment as well.

5. The floral therapy is not aggressive to the body and mind, giving our bodies the chance to recover from the damaging effects of stress in a natural, pleasant way.

Flower essences have the quality of refreshing the room air but their flavor also influences our minds relaxing us and eliminating stress. You must know though that not any flower essence stress relief will get you rid of the stress related head ache, as not any flower essence will help you sleep better when you feel tired and anxious. Here are some of the best flower essence stress relief for stressful days:

* The mint essence can have a calming effect on your body, removing the head aches and the sense of tiredness caused by stress.

* Rose essences stimulate the functioning of the cardiovascular system when it is affected by chronic stress.

* Citric essences can help you focus better on your work or study. Just put few citric drops in a cup of hot tea and get back to work. You will see that you will se things more clearly.

* Even strong characters can sometimes be exhausted by stress, when they deny that everything has a limit. The Bach therapy recommends for them flower essence stress relief based on oak essences.

* In case the stress causes you excessive tiredness, you can use the olive flower essence stress relief treatment.

Benefits Of Hibiscus


Hibiscus or rosemallow is a flowering plants in the family Malvaceae (the mallow family, along with members like cocoa, cotton, okra, baobab and durian), hibiscus is native to warm temperate, subtropical and tropical region around the world. Hibiscus flower are large, trumphet-shaped, with five or more petals, and colors ranges from white, to pink, red, purple or yellow, and from 4-15cm broad. The fruit is a dry five-lobed capsule, containing several seeds in each lobe, which are released when the capsule splits open at maturity.

Hibiscus plant is not only famous as an ornamental plant but is it also important as an ingredient in food preparation and in making healthy delicious herbal teas. The Hibiscus sabdariffa or roselle is the preferred species used to make hibiscus tea.

Health benefits of Hisbiscus:
  • In a study conducted by medical expert it has proven that drinking herbal hibiscus tea daily can effectively lower high blood pressure in as fast as one month.
  • Tea made from hibiscus flower contain antioxidant that may help reduced the build up of fatty deposits in arteries and reduced blood cholesterol levels, and therefore reduce the risk of heart disease.
  • Hisbiscus tea has a cooling effect in the body.
  • Dieters or persons with kidney problems often take hisbiscus tea without adding sugar as a natural diuretic.
  • The natives of southern India uses the Red hibiscus (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis) as hair treatment. The red flower and leaves, extracts of which can be applied on hair to prevent and remedy hair-fall and dandruff on the scalp.
  • The dried hibiscus is edible, and it often use in some dishes in Mexico.

Benefits Of Jasmine


Jasmine is one member of a genus of about 200 species of shrubs and climbing vines that are native to tropical areas of southeast Asia, Africa and Australia. The popularity of their fragrance has resulted in many species of jasmine now being grown all over the world.

True jasmine grows as a climbing vine with oval, shiny leaves and tubular, waxy-white flowers. Two types of jasmine are used for the extraction of oil. Some botanists describe them as two distinct species: J. grandiflorum and J. officinale, while other s consider J. grandiflorum to be a variety of officinale. The oil of the two flowers is virtually identical; for aromatherapy purposes they are used interchangeably.

Jasmine has always presented special problems to those who attempt to extract its alluring perfume. Although the plant blooms reliably and consistently, it only produces a few delicate flowers per plant over a period of days to weeks. These flowers las t only one day, but continually produce essential oil before they wither and die. Steam distillation or solvent extraction immediately kills the flowers and stops oil production in the living blossom. Although distillation and solvent extraction are the m ost time effective and least costly methods of deriving essential oil from large masses of plant material, in the case of jasmine flowers these processes can actually decrease the total yield possible from the living flower.

This fact makes jasmine flowers especially appropriate for an extraction process known as enfleurage, or fat maceration. In this process fat absorbs the volatile aromatic compounds from the living flower over several hours. When the fat becomes saturat ed, the aroma is then extracted from the fat rather than directly from the flower.

The enfleurage extraction process begins with the hand-picking of the jasmine flowers after they open at night. Harvest takes place all the way through to morning, before the sun drives the aroma from the flowers. The freshly picked blooms are laid out on panes of fat covered glass, stacked so the aromatic volatiles don't escape into the air. This ensures that every molecule of essential oil is absorbed by the fat. This process is repeated for several days with successive layers of fresh flowers, until the fat is thoroughly saturated with aroma.

The saturated fat is next melted under very low heat, then filtered. In traditional enfleurage the aromatic compounds are extracted from the fat with alcohol. The alcohol is then gently distilled away to leave behind the pure essence. To make this proc ess more efficient, much fat is now extracted with solvents for a higher yield of oil. The final product of this process is an absolute.

Enfleurage is time consuming and costly. Despite the fact that yields from direct solvent extraction of the flowers are lower, that process is most often used today because it's so cost effective. The limited quantities of jasmine processed via enfleur age are very expensive.

The effects and uses of jasmine in aromatherapy are similar to rose, another costly floral oil. Both are unsurpassed emotional tonics, especially for women, but traces of jasmine can add great depth and complexity to less floral and more traditional ma sculine blends. Jasmine has a heavy, rich, animal-like quality akin to musk oil in its effects.

Although jasmine has been considered an exotic and powerful aphrodisiac since antiquity, little clinical evidence exists to support this notion. But personal experiences with the oil often indicate otherwise. The sensuously rich and exotic aroma of a j asmine based massage oil can certainly be relied upon to evoke a romantic mood. To make your own massage oil add 12 drops of jasmine to 3 ounces of sweet almond oil.

Sandalwood and patchouli are two other oils traditionally thought of as aphrodisiacs. A balanced blend of these oils consists of 50 drops sandalwood, 25 drops patchouli and 25 drops of jasmine. This sensuous elixir can be used as a powerfully concentra ted perfume a single drop at a time.

Jasmine can be an effective addition to an emotional tonic milk bath, that will gently soak away worry and stress. Add 3 drops of jasmine, 6 drops of lavender, 2 drops of clary sage and a single drop of bergamot oil to 3 ounces of whole milk. Add this to warm bath water and let the gentle aroma of jasmine work its magic on the senses.

Despite its many benefits, some may find jasmine simply too costly to use. In this case the most cost effective and truly natural method to enjoy the fragrance of jasmine may be to grow the living plant.

Jasmine grows and flowers relatively easily in rich, moist, but well-drained potting soil. When in flower a single plant will strongly scent an entire room or patio on a still summer's eve

Benefits Of Sunflowers


According to research completed in March 2001 by Dr. K. Phillips of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, the sunflower kernel is rich in a number of nutrients that have been shown to protect against cardiovascular and other diseases and to act as antioxidants and anti-carcinogens. When considered in aggregate, this amazing kernel packs a powerful nutritional punch. 

Sunflower kernels contain high levels of vitamin E, betaine, phenolic acids, and choline. In addition, the kernel is a good source of arginine and lignans.  Each of these compounds, while perhaps unfamiliar to the layperson, has been studied by the scientific community and shown to offer a variety of health benefits.

Vitamin E (Tocopherols): May protect against cardiovascular disease.

Betaine: May protect against cardiovascular disease.

Phenolic acids (chlorogenic acid):  Antioxidant and anti-carcinogen.

Choline: Plays a role in memory and cognitive function.

Arginine: Potential heart benefits.

Lignans: May protect against heart disease and some cancers; lowers LDL cholesterol and triglycerides

Sunflower seeds offer an easy way to add some crunch, taste, and nutrition to a variety of foods. Toss them over your salad, mix them in with popcorn, serve them a la carte, or even add them to your fresh baked, whole grain breads and muffins.

When you are on the go, you can find sunflower seeds in many of your favorite Wholefood Farmacy foods such as Phi Plus, Cornaborealis, Corn of Plenty, and ClariPhi.  

Benefits Of White Roses

White Rose

industrial Benefits
  • All work that can be done in Newfoundland and Labrador will be done in Newfoundland and Labrador. Work that can be done includes: all Front-End Engineering and Design (FEED); detailed engineering project management; procurement management. This also includes the following fabrication work:
    • Manifolds, including foundations and piles
    • Flowline end manifold modules
    • Temporary and permanent guide bases
    • Rigid spools
    • Foundations for subsea distribution units
    • Riser gravity bases
    • Hull and turret modifications not requiring dry-dock
    • Topsides and turret module modifications
    • Hook-up and commissioning
    • Concrete mattresses (if required)
  • The operator estimates the project will require approximately 9.6 million person hours of work over its lifetime. Approximately 9 million (93 per cent) of those hours will be completed in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Benefits Of Wild Roses

Wild Rose

The magic and mystery of the Rose across Ages.Flower of legend and mystery, the Rose has been a very inspiring Muse for great artists and a friend to women in taking care of their beauty, all throughout history. Today, molecular and cellular biology research and clinical medicine have unveiled some of the mysteries of this long-lasting fascination of Mankind for the Rose. It appears that not only is the Rose a symbol of Beauty, but it also brings and enhances Health and Beauty.From antiquity to the present day, poets have sung its beauties, sculptors and artists have sought to depict its delicacy and perfumers have been captivated by its unique fragrance. Of all the wild flowers, and of all the flowers cultivated since Antiquity in China, Greece, and the Orient, it is the Rose that has the richest and most complex symbolism. The rose represents purity and innocence or passion, bloodshed or sensuality depending on its color. The rose in East and West has gathered more symbolism and significance during history than the lotus of the Far East. The rose has also had a special place in the alchemist's garden: the white rose was associated with the "small work", the transmutation of base metals into silver, and the red rose meant the transmutation of base metals into gold that was known as the "great work". Today, molecular and cellular biology research and clinical medicine have unveiled some of the mysteries of this long-lasting fascination of Mankind for the Rose. It appears that not only is the Rose a symbol of Beauty, but it also brings health and beauty.

The pure Elixir of Youth from Nature.Wild Musk Rose oil has quite unique healing and cosmetic properties that justify its name of "Elixir of Youth" from Nature. The oil owes its special title to the perfectly balanced richness of its components.As the flower of Venus, beloved of Cleopatra and Nefertiti, the Rose has been a secret of beauty since the Antiquity. Apart from its sophisticated perfume, the rose embodies the magic power of eternal beauty. The Wild Musk Rose is closely related to the Wild Rose that grows in North America. It grows in the wild on the American continent, especially in Chile and in Andes where Nature is very pure and unpolluted. It gives fruits (rosehips) which are extremely rich in vitamin C. The exquisite rose oil extracted from the seeds of these fruits is a key ingredient in quality cosmetics and has proven to be a real Elixir of Youth for the skin. This is due to its very peculiar composition: it contains 80% of poly-unsaturated fatty acids (also called Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs)) of which 44% of linoleic acid (or omega-3 EFA) and 36% of alpha-linolenic acid (omega-6 EFA). These two crucial EFAs usually come from two different sources (plants and fish or different plants like borage oil and flax seed oil) and are indispensable to cellular regeneration and epidermal suppleness. Moreover, these EFAs are present in Wild Musk Rose oil in a perfectly balanced high concentration.

Scientists doing clinical research on the Wild Musk Rose oil discovered that when applied regularly on scars and burns, it was very surprisingly healing and regenerating the skin: the scars and burns were either attenuated or even erased. This deep therapeutic effect of the oil was attributed totransretinoic acid (also called retinol or acid vitamin A) which is a very active form of vitamin A. This form of Vitamin A is frequently prescribed in dermatology in case of skin problems like acne and has to be used very cautiously because it may be a source of serious allergies and rashes. However, in Wild Musk Rose oil, the EFAs and other components which naturally perfectly balanced this very active regenerating skin vitamin. Thus, natural transretinoic acid in Wild Musk Rose oil has the same beneficial effects than its pure synthetic form without the negative side effects. The result is that unlike many cosmetic products, the Wild Musk Rose oil does not erase skin imperfections superficially, but acts in depth by delivering elements indispensable to skin cells.

Cosmetic and therapeutic properties.Wild Musk Rose oil fights the aging process of the skin, stimulates the regeneration as well as it improves the texture and quality of the skin by increasing its elasticity. A two-year research project on the therapeutic properties of the Wild Musk Rose oil demonstrated clinically the unique healing and regenerative properties of this oil on the skin. Continuous application of the oil on effectively helped the attenuation of scars, burns, radiotherapy-induced skin damages and wrinkles.Wild Musk Rose oil is recommended for a variety of dermatological and cosmetic problems such as:
  • wrinkles and fine lines
  • stretch marks and aging spots
  • damaged, devitalized or dehydrated skin
  • sunburn
  • burns and scars, whether they are accidental or induced by medical treatments like radiotherapy
  • acne, rosacea, eczema and psoriasis
The daily use of either pure Wild Musk Rose oil or creams, lotions and other cosmetic preparations nurtures and regenerates the skin, maintaining youth and suppleness: Beauty from the Source.Wild Musk Rose oil benefits.Wild musk rose oil is a real "Elixir of Youth" from Nature and has many crucial advantages for skin care:
  • it is a powerful moisturizer for all types of complexion, including the most sensitive and dry.
  • it reduces wrinkles, fines lines, surgical and dermal scars, age spots and stretch marks
  • it repairs damaged skin, burns and sunburns.
  • it revitalizes and balances
  • it increases elasticity by building up collagen
  • it protects the skin from climate and pollution damage
The Rosalia line based on pure Wild Musk Rose oil: a new generation of advanced skin care.Rosalia encompasses a whole line of anti-aging and regenerative skin care products based on the exquisite Wild Musk Rose oil. Rosalia products are designed for normal to very dry and sensitive complexions. Unlike other cosmetic products, Rosalia skin care products do not erase skin problems superficially, but acts in depth by delivering to the skin all the elements (vitamins and EFAs) necessary for its health and beauty. Daily use of pure or preparations of Wild Musk Rose oil is one the greatest cares you can give your skin.